Monday, October 31, 2011

A Special Type of Incremental Privatization: Public Universities

Nice story from the Chicago Tribune: IU, Purdue expect state aid to continue falling 

Interesting - some major state universities are now getting only 20% of their funding from the state government.  At what point is the school functionally privatized, considering the fact that even private schools often receive minor aid in the form of grants?  When the state contribution is low enough for the school to survive even if the funding dropped to zero, that seems functionally privatized.  Even then, however, the schools are unlikely to want to change their public status, because of the name branding (a mid-level state school has much better name recognition than an obscure private school), and because there's a chance the legislature would rescue the school if it were about to shut down.  On the other hand, students and professors at public schools have a somewhat different roster of legal rights and responsibilities than their counterparts at private institutions.

RELATED UPDATES: interesting privatization going on at UMASS Boston, see story here.

Study about the increasing costs of tuition for students as states pull their funding here

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