Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Boston's Mayor Menino threatens to pull $66 million transportation contract if buses don’t start arriving on time.

This article in the Boston Globe addresses the mounting transportation problems faced by Boston Public Schools after the failure of a private company to fullfill their $66 million transportation contract.
"Boston finds itself in the midst of a transportation crisis two months into the school year, with one in four buses still arriving late to school last week, some by nearly an hour.
Each day, 32,684 students are assigned to board 611 yellow school buses in the city. Even on the school system’s most punctual day of the year, Friday, about 19 percent of buses arrived after the first bell rang."
Boston Public Schools do not have the resources to solve this problem on their own and have considered awarding the school bus contract to several smaller companies in an attempt to alleviate the current transportation crisis.

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