Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Horrors of Privatized Foster Care Agencies

Read this article from Detroit's Action News describing the problems with privatized foster care placement in Michigan.  Favorite quote from the article:

"The state pays private agencies to handle most foster care adoption cases. They are supposed to make placing foster children with family a priority. But 7 Action News has found some private agencies fail to do this and appear to manipulate the process to favor their clients--couples hoping to adopt. This can cut kids off from family forever.  Maureen Gordon says she has been fighting a system that seems set on breaking family bonds. A private agency approved another couple to adopt her great niece who is in foster care..."

Despite heroic efforts by relatives of the foster children to obtain custody and meet all requirements by the agencies, the private companies are rebuffing them and favoring foster parents who will pay to adopt...

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