Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Occupy the Dept of Education" Protesters Rally Against School Privatization in NY

NYT has an article here about an offshoot of OWS rallying on the steps of the NY Dept of Education building to protest against privatization of NYC public schools.  Nice introduction to some of the arguments for and against school privatization.  The photo is from the NYT article (Chelsia Rose Marcius).

My observation (nonempirical) is that public school privatization is falling out of fashion now, after having a heyday in the 1990s followed by some highly-publicized disasters.  I'm a little surprised NYC is coming around to this so late in the game, especially after school privatization was tried and abandoned in other places.

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  1. If all scools become privatized, the tution fees will surely increase uncontrollably. How will poor families afford that kind of education?

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