Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oregon Furloughs State Workers, Cuts Services to the Poor, and Pays a Fortune to Private Firms

This online article details the paradoxes of privatization in Oregon, where the state government is so strapped that it is forcing furlough days on state workers and cutting services to the poor.  At the same time, it grants millions in no-bid contracts to private firms (many of them out of state or even out of country), pays hundreds of thousands of dollars to former state employees as consultants to advise state officials on various matters, and pays exorbitant amounts for molded plastic furniture for use in state prisons ($133 per chair).  A nice survey of typical state government outsourcing and the associated abuses that go along with it.

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  1. The "coming back for more" issue, as the article's author titles it, is what has me shaking my head. Cronyism is one thing, but blatant cronyism, such as not making attempts to make the contract bidding appear competitive is another. Should Oregon be complimented or scolded for not trying to hide the blatant crony favoritism it practices?