Sunday, January 29, 2012

Privatization in the Courts - Recent Cases

Here are some recent (Dec-Jan) cases involving privatization of government services:

Mathis v. GEO Group, Inc., Slip Copy, No. 2:08–CT–21–D, 2012 WL 43586 (E.D.N.C., Jan 9, 2012)(latest round in a case by inmate in private prison alleging inadequate medical attention - court granted some parties' motions and denied others, ordered Bureau of Prisons to submit a reply brief arguing against class certification)

Pontiac School Dist. v. Pontiac Educ. Ass'n, --- N.W.2d ----, 2012 WL 28653 (Mich.App., Jan 5, 2012)(unfair labor complaint growing out of privatization of certain public school functions and the resultant layoffs of occupational and physical therapists)

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