Friday, March 16, 2012

Florida's Plan to Privatize Medicaid

This article in The Florida Independent mentions several aspects of Florida's plan to privatize Medicaid already rejected by the federal government.  What do you think will happen to the plan in the coming months?  One perspective can be read in this editorial.


  1. This is particularly important given the Medicare expansions at issue in the case currently before the Supreme Court. Great post, Shelley!

  2. In consideration that the government rejected the plan in part and not in full, the plan to privatize Medicaid could still be a viable opportunity in the coming months. The article includes information about the challenges that occured over a five year period. Perhaps the government will consider that time as a pre-test period and offer an opportunity for a post-test period just a researchers have when testing the validity of survey instruments that will be an intergral part of the data collection process. Perhaps the government will require some changes to some of the convoluted existing policies within the various categories of Medicaid in efforts to mitigate any eligibility discrepancy language. Further, the government may request the plan to be revamped as opposed to dismissing privatization altogether. Thanks for sharing this.

    Dr. Jennifer Rogers