Saturday, March 17, 2012

Progress Being Made in Reforming Federal Privatization Practices

In an important new article by Daniel I. Gordon in the Government Contractor, entitled Reflections on the Federal Procurement Landscape, we get an insider's view of the serious problems with federal procurement of services (outsourcing/privatization), and the progress being made to curb the abuses and bring reform.  Here is the abstract: 

This paper, published in the Government Contractor, presents the reflections on the author's service as the Administrator for Federal Procurement Policy from 2009 through 2011. The author identifies his three goals for his tenure as Administrator: strengthening the federal acquisition workforce, driving fiscal responsibility in federal acquisition, and rebalancing the relationship with contractors. The author points to reversal of several negative trends, in particular, decline in the size of the federal acquisition workforce during the years 1992-2009, unsustainable annual increases in procurement spending during those years, and an unhealthy overreliance on contractors in performance of key government functions. In each of those key areas, the author reports on the progress made - increasing the size of the federal acquisition workforce, buying less and buying smarter (particularly through the strategic sourcing initiative), and a better balance in relations with contractors, with more clarity about the proper role of contractors and improved oversight, as well as efforts to increase communication with vendors.

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