Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Foundation: Overview of Annual Report on State Govt Privatization

The "Reason Foundation"  has a handy overview of its new annual report: The Year 2011 in State Government Privatization and Public-Private Partnerships, in which it provides at-a-glance statistics, examples, and anecdotes about state government privatization in 2011.  Note that the Foundation uses the term for both selling off unnecessary government assets (buildings, parking lots, vehicles, etc.) and outsourcing or hiring private contractors to provide government services, thereby conflating actions that shrink the government with those that tend to expand it over time (hiring contractors diminishes political accountability and enables governments to do more without increasing the state payroll or growing the state unions).  The actual report is here.

While I strongly disagree with the Foundation's blind faith in outsourcing-everything-no-matter-what, the report does provide very useful data and research for policy advocates on both sides of this complex issue.

- Dru Stevenson

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