Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Reason Foundation" Plugs Governors Who Embraced Privatization in 2011

The "Reason Foundation" has posted on its website an overview from its annual report - Jindal, Christie, Kasich and Other Governors Pursue Privatization, with the subheading "Annual Privatization Report examines how state governments are enlisting the private sector to reduce spending on health insurance, roads, lotteries, alcohol, prisons and more."  The 2011 report is here.

I disagree with the Foundation's fanatical enthusiasm for privatizing-no-matter-what, but the report has very useful data, examples, and statistics for researchers on both sides of the issue.  I have no problem with some of the Foundation's other positions - more fiscal accountability and transparency for government (I believe contracting out government services undermines transparency rather than enhancing it), and selling off unnecessary state-owned assets.  

- Dru Stevenson

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