Monday, May 14, 2012

Lawmakers Want to Privatize Workers' Comp System

Illinois lawmakers are considering a privatization scheme for their state's troubled workers compensation system - news report here and pending legislation here.

Meanwhile, Politico has a quote in this story alleging that the Republican candidate for Washington Governor similarly plans to privatize workers' comp in that state if elected; this followed the "I'm not Scott Walker" line that made a splash in the press.

Note that last March, Denver news outlets reported here and here about Colorado's state-chartered workers' comp program, Pinnacol Insurance, spending millions in a failed attempt to privatize itself. (!)  More recently (May 4), an editorial appeared in the Denver Business Journal decrying (in detail) the pending privatization efforts.  The law firm Kaplan Morrell has a nice discussion of the issue on their firm's blog as well.

Ohio is also in the process of reforming its workers' comp programs, but is not considering privatization, according to this report.

- Dru Stevenson

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