Friday, May 4, 2012

News reports announce that KBR, controversial military contractor and former Halliburton subsidiary, is moving into privatizing of police forces in the UK.  Police there are planning a protest march, which presumably will be quite orderly, as far as protests go.  A KBR spokesman had a subtle, nuanced way of describing their approach:
"KBR is not involved in policing; instead, our objective in the privatization of the police force is to get more police doing actual police work while KBR brings operational efficiencies to the back office with the objective of achieving an overall lower cost of service while improving service levels," the spokesman said. 

I find myself wondering about the plural form "efficiencies."  My spellchecker does not think it is a real word.  I'm trying to decide.  How many types of "efficiency" are we talking about here?

- Dru Stevenson

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