Sunday, August 26, 2012

Government Outsourcing and 1.4 Million Security Clearances

Sean Reilly at the Federal Times has a new article highlighting the massive scale of federal outsourcing, as seen in the number of security clearances given to non-government agents: Report 4.9 million feds, contractors hold security clearances

A report conducted by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence revealed that 4.9 million people held security clearances last year. Of those security clearance holders, 3.5 million were federal employees, 1.1 million were contractors, and the remaining 320,000 consisted of "other" clearance holders who were neither federal employees nor contractors. Although the number of overall security clearances increased by 3 percent from 2010, the number of contractors with security clearance dropped by 8 percent. In several intelligence agencies including the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency, clearance decisions took over a  year to process for 5,000 cases involving both employees and contractors. While the process of issuing security clearances must be a thorough and meticulous one because the stakes are so high, there is an urgency for these agencies to complete clearances as efficiently as possible.

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