Saturday, September 22, 2012

Louisiana Privatization of Health Insurance Hits A Snag

Louisiana Attorney General, James "Buddy" Caldwell

Jessica M. Karmasek posted an interesting article on LegalNewsline, describing the latest developments impacting Louisiana's proposal to privatize its state employee health insurance.

In August, Louisiana's State Civil Commission backed by Governor Bobby Jindal, approved a plan to privatize the state's Office of Group Benefits. The Office of Group Benefits is a state employee health insurance plan that currently offers reasonably priced health insurance to a quarter of a million Louisiana citizens. The Civil Service Commission consists of seven members responsible for overseeing the administration of the state's civil service system.

Democratic State Representative, Katrina R. Jackson, challenged the Civil Service Commission's decision to privatize without seeking legislative approval. She sought out Louisiana's Attorney General, James "Buddy" Caldwell, to issue an opinion regarding the matter. Caldwell agreed with Jackson and ruled the contract must be approved by state lawmakers before a final decision may be reached. Jackson worries that the new plan will leave many Louisiana citizens jobless but remains optimistic that legislators will deny the proposal. "It is my pray[er] that all of my fellow members will join with me and others in not approving this proposal," she said. No timetable has been set for when a decision will be reached.

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