Friday, October 26, 2012

Prison Privatization Talks in New Hampshire Stalls

In an article written by Bob Sanders of the New Hampshire Business Review, it was revealed that New Hampshire has stalled all privatization talks of its prison system for the near future. The consultant evaluating the bids from four prospective companies, MGT of America, has asked for an extension to make their decision until after the gubernatorial elections take place in November.

Current Governor John Lynch feels that the matter will not be resolved before the end of the year. The two candidates running for State Governor to replace Lynch, Republican Ovide Lamontagne and Democrat Maggie Hassan, have both spoken out against privatization of their state's prison system. It is clear that the decision will remain in limbo until the gubernatorial race is over. However, it still remains unclear whether or not the next State Governor will allow privatization talks to continue or refuse the private contract altogether.

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