Thursday, November 8, 2012

Privatized Prison in Ohio Gets 2nd Chance at Audit

CBS News published an article discussing a recent audit conducted on the nation's first privately owned state prison located in Ohio. This was a follow up audit to ensure health and safety violations had been rectified since the prison's last review. The initial audit administered in September listed several violations including dirty cells, missing keys to secure doors, and an overall unsanitary living environment. There were also safety violations including no safety equipment for inmates operating a meat slicer. The private company running the prison, Corrections Corporation of America, remain confident that the necessary corrections will be made before their national inspection in December.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Legislative Committees Delay Vote on Privatizing State Employee Benefits

Jeff Adelson recently posted an update on the latest news regarding Louisiana's ongoing privatization battle of its state employee benefits program.

I posted an article on this issue at the end of September, which can be found here. Little ground has been made my original post. The vote to determine whether or not Louisiana will elect to privatize its employee benefits program was scheduled for this past Thursday, but it has been delayed due to some procedural maneuvering. In compliance with legislative rules, lawmakers are allowed more time to consider a measure of this magnitude. Opponents of privatization argue that the other side is simply delaying the vote until they have the numbers on their side. No time table has been released on when a decision will be made.